Following the success of the Top50 Program:

  • 200 connections made between our startups, investors and top sports brands
  • Global sports innovation community with more than 26K members Team SKY Sports
  • Publication of the HYPE Digital Magazine

The TOP 50 Program

Join Our TOP 50 Program and get:

Meet Sports & Tech Investors

Meet Sports Investors, enjoy an open panel with leading Investment-Houses, Banks and top Angels. Get your next round of fund-raising during 2017-2018. Present your startup in webinars to Sports Tech Investors and VCs.

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Meet Top Sports & Tech Brands

Meet Top Sports & Tech brands, present to Leading Brands Directors like Adidas, Asics, TechnoGym, Real Madrid, Microsoft, Nike & more. Grab Coffee with Sports Brands CEOs: Virtual Coffee with Top Sports Brand CEOs!

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Engage With HYPE Eco-System Stakeholders

Engage with 26K Stakeholders in the HYPE Ecosystem: Full Access to the HYPE Foundation Business Support Platform.

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“Top 50 Most Innovative” Magazine

In order to help the Top 50 chosen companies reach deeper into their desired markets, they will be placed in the “Top 50 Most Innovative” Magazine distributed to millions of people people around the world. Get massive media exposure via the Top 50 Digital Magazine, distributed through WIRED & Microsoft and directly to more than 26K Stakeholders! Gain Credibility: TOP 50 voting Certificate and Email signature.

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Get MG Equity Partners Investment team to maximize the deal

Customized Investment Banking Services from MG Equity Partners investment house.
Get 3 personalized mentorship sessions with top Experts from MG Equity and HYPE.


Through our connection with MG Equity Partners Ltd, we provide select startups with hands-on Fund Raising Services for a six month period.

These services include:

  • Close up coaching and training in the art of raising funds
  • Assistance in creating killer investment collaterals and building a great pitch
  • Connections to potential investors - Angel Investors, VCs, Corporate and Public Investors - as best fits
  • Optionally joining roadshows

For full details of this opportunity, please contact [email protected]

Traditional websites spread their content over many web pages, which cause loading delays when linking from page to page. Minisites eliminate this delay by condensing all content on to one seamless scrolling web page. This saves time for users, especially on mobile devices, which are now the dominant platform for viewing websites.
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We require your logo and any content (text, images, video, etc.) that you would like displayed on your Minisite. Aside from that, we require your input and approvals during the design and development process.
Everything can be done through email, telephone or Skype but we will be happy to meet with you if you wish, and you're located in or near St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.
Copy writing is not included but we certainly can if needed, for an additional charge. However, we encourage you to write your own content because nobody knows your business or organization better than you do. Don't worry, we ask you key questions to help get the right information from you.
Yes, but technically that would be a website instead of a Minisite. Therefore, additional costs will apply for the extra pages. An alternative to adding other pages to a Minisite is to add the extra content inside a modal window.
Yes. Minisites are responsive, meaning it "responds" to fit the screen size of the device it's being viewed on by automatically reconfiguring it's layout to the optimum viewing experience whether it's a phone, tablet or desktop computer.
If everything goes according to schedule, and you provide timely input when required, your Minisite will be delivered within 30 days.
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Yes. Minisites are powered by WordPress, the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world. WordPress is very user friendly but a user guide will be supplied to help you become familiar with it.
Yes. Updates can be done at an hourly rate. Also, maintenance contracts are available for $75 per month, which includes an hour of updates per month.
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Yes. By condensing your content down to one concise page and omitting unnecessary pages, we are able to pass savings on to you from the reduced development time.
50% is due up front and 50% is due upon launch of your Minisite.
Prices are for design and development but does not include your domain name or hosting. If you don't already have a domain name or hosting, we will be happy to help you register both at no additional charge. We offer web hosting for $15 per month and maintenance for $75 per month.


In 1903, the Wright brothers managed to fly a plane a distance of 39 yards, and today planes fly 12,000 km at an altitude of 30,000 feet. We believe that the field of sports is expected to change just as significantly in the next 5 to 10 years. Ranging from the experience of buying a ticket to the fans’ experience in the stadium and at home - everything will be different, both on and off the field. When we started the HYPE Foundation, we wanted to build more than a sports innovation platform. We saw ourselves doing something greater than building a community that engages startups and corporations. We believe that sports and innovation are the best ways to create a bigger impact in the world that appears to be more divided and alienated than ever.


So far, HYPE has engaged more than 8,000 startups in various sectors such as fan engagement Applications, Health and Bioinformatics, Retail and ticketing, augmented realities, Wearables and sensors, Artificial intelligence, real-time decision making and many others. The HYPE Foundation is owned by MG Equity partners' investment fund since 2003 and has partner programs with Microsoft, Google, Team SKY (Sky Sports), in addition to running Accelerator programmers and Hackathons around the world with Over 26,000 Members (Startups, Sports brands, teams, Investors, leagues etc).

Participating in the TOP 50 is subject to startups that have been voted in by HYPE Foundation’s Jury.

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